In my work as an individual and couples therapist, I deal mainly with human relationships, and in particular, intimate relationships.  Sex is a valued part of  human relationships and can be  appreciated in many  different ways. Sexual relations provide the opportunity to experience joy, pleasure, intimacy, satisfaction, security, bonding, playfulness and even a spiritual connection. Sex can be an expression of passion, creativity, and love. It involves holding on to yourself, while letting go, feeling secure while taking risks, being in the moment with all your senses while trusting, accepting and sharing. 

When sex is a struggle, is not satisfying or feels like work, couples are often at a loss as to where to turn.  If you are dealing with a sexual desire discrepancy, have difficulty feeling aroused or satisfied, or simply wish to enhance your sexual relationship, I can help. I treat individuals and couple with problems such as desire discrepancies, arousal difficulties, premature or delayed ejaculation and difficulties acheiving orgasm. I also treat vaginismus,  painful intercourse and unconsummated relationships with an approach that combines attention to physical, psychological and cultural factors to help you enjoy a meaningful, pain-free, and satisfying sexual life. 

As an individual and couples therapist, and a sex therapist certifed by AASECT (The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, as well as ITAM (The Israel Society for Sex therapy) I work with women, men and couples who have all types of difficulty with intimate relations.

Please note, I do not do any physical examination or treatments. For information about pelvic floor physical therapy, click here:

See video below, for a brief talk on creating passion and desire in monogomous relationships.