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"Women often are extremely motivated to allow intercourse to occur and to engage in intercourse despite pain, due to societal messages that sexual activity is expected to culminate in intercourse," Rosenbaum says. "Feelings of obligation, guilt, and a pressure to please their partner turn sex into a chore that must be fulfilled. A lot of anxiety is created around that need to succeed."

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On panel in Jerusalem about singles and sexuality. With Rabbis Dov Linzer, Jennie Rosenfeld, and Benny Lau, and therapist Talli Rosenbaum.

“I reacted to that and said that this whole discussion of what’s better misses the point of what sexuality is all about,” Rosenbaum continues. “Sexuality is not nonexistent until you get married, and then you have permission for your sexual urges. It’s a beautiful expression of intimacy between two people who want to be able to express mutual and consensual love. By talking about what do we do with this urge and how do we hold onto it until we have a legitimate outlet, which the wife becomes, it’s dangerous. It can potentially objectify the woman and turn her role into a savior from the man to prevent him from sinning.”

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Article in the Jerusalem Post about Kallah (premarital) instruction is Israel, by Rivkah Frolich

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Interview with Talli Rosenbaum by PhysioSpeaks: Sexual Health

An Interview with Talli about  Unconsummated Marriage in