Sex is a valued part of  human relationships.  While the meaning of sex differs for everyone, we can all agree that it is meant to be pleasurable. Certainly, it should not be painful. 

Sex is often a difficult topic to discuss. If you are dealing with a lack of sexual desire, difficulty feeling aroused or satisfied, or simply wish to enhance your sexual relationship, I can help. I treat problems such as desire discrepancies, arousal difficulties, premature or delayed ejaculation, or difficulties acheiving orgasm.

When sex is painful: If sexual intercourse is uncomfortable, whether you are newly sexually active, have recently given birth, are going through or completed menopause, help is available.   

When dealing with sexual pain, or the inability to commence a sexual relationship, women are often advised to see doctors, sex therapists and/or physical therapists. It is hard to know where to turn, and often women wonder if the problem is physical or psychological. If you have pain, there is most likely a physical cause.  If you experience anxiety, this is of course part of the emotional experience.  Not being able to enjoy sex can certainly cause personal  as well as relational distress.  I combine sex therapy, couples counseling, and physical therapy to help you enjoy a meaningful, pain-free, and satisfying sexual life. 

As an individual and couples therapist, and an AASECT certified sex therapist, I work with women and couples who have all types of difficulty with intimate relations. As a physiotherapist for over 30 years, I specialize in the treatment of those who suffer from pain with sexual intercourse or who have been unable to have or enjoy sexual intercourse, even after several months or years. I address the physical components and provide behavioral treatment, and I am also able to help process the emotional experience of fear, anxiety, and relationship distress.